Population: 405

Hydaburg is located 36 miles from Hollis on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.

Hydaburg was founded in 1911, and combined the populations of 3 Haida villages on Prince of Wales Island: Sukkwan, Howkan and Klinkwan. President William Howard Taft established an Indian reservation on the surrounding land in 1912, but, at the residents’ request, most of the land was restored to its former status as part of Tongass National Forest in 1926. Hydaburg was incorporated in 1927, 3 years after its people became U.S. citizens. Hydaburg is the most populous community of Haidas in the U.S.


Hydaburg has an excellent collection of restored Haida totems. A totem park is in front of the Hydaburg School. Native carvers restored and replicated totems brought in from the traditional Haida villages on southern Prince of Wales Island. The totem restoration project was founded in the late 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The Hydaburg Totem Park Restoration Project was completed in 2015.

Lodging and services

Haida Corp. provides lodging for visitors. Haida Fuels provides fuel and gas. Craig Alaska Commercial Company provides groceries and sundry items, Tongass Federal Credit Union has a micro-site, and Hala Café is the local eatery.

The Small Boat Harbor has a skiff haulout, grid, boat launch, fish cleaning station, water and electricity. Transient, monthly and annual moorage are available.