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…Even if you’re just dreaming about a trip to Alaska, get yourself a copy of The MILEPOST. Updated and published annually, it’s the must-have bible of Alaska travel. The comprehensive guide offers mile-by-mile descriptions (in tenth of a mile, no less) of nearly every drivable roadway in the state and various entry routes throughout the western half of North America. You’ll find everything from the availability of gasoline to where to buy the best cheeseburger.

– Highways magazine, “Alaska Uncorked”

A trip to Alaska requires more thought and preparations than, say, a romp to Disney World, which is why we recommend entrusting the campaign to a tested resource like The MILEPOST.

– Coast to Coast

The MILEPOST–once again–paints an enchanting description of America’s last frontier as it provides all the real-world information necessary to make an Alaskan road trip a dream come true.

– Mark Sedenquist,

Roughly twice the size of Texas, Alaska is America’s Last Frontier…A road trip to Alaska requires careful planning, as the distances between cities are long, the roads sometimes rough, and services difficult to find…Step 1 Study a road map. The MILEPOST is a definitive guide to the highways in Alaska as well as the AlCan and Top of the World Highway. The MILEPOST provides specific mile-by-mile information for each major highway. Consult the website shortly before your trip for the latest information.

– USA Today, Travel Tips

Alaska is one of the great frontiers of North America that is sure to feature prominently on any travelers ‘must see list’. Gerry and I have the travel bug and I have been mulling over places I’d love to go to–Alaska is definitely on that list, right at the top.

For those planning this great adventure The Milepost, Alaska’s trip planner and travel guide is a definite must read….Alaska has a lot to offer so make sure to dog ear the pages on great northern communities….apply the state motto and go ‘north to (your) future’.

– Monique, Stretching the One Income Dollar

…I recently received a review copy of 64th edition ofThe MILEPOST and it’s got me Alaska dreaming again. In fact, I’m absolutely giddy right now as I’m flipping through the pages of this colorful, information-packed publication. The guide, which has been publishing since 1949, is known in the RV world as an indispensable part of an RVer’s tool kit on one’s journey into the north country….Not only does it feature mile-by-mile highway logs, but it’s filled with everything you could ever want or need to know about traveling to any of the areas mentioned above. And I mean everything! Want to know all the major routes to take?

The MILEPOST has it. How about interesting side trips? It’s got those too. Distance in miles from city to city? Yep, it’s in there. It even has a ferry travel section–complete with ferry schedules–so you can plan that part of your travel too. While The MILEPOSTis the perfect companion to RV travel, it covers all kinds of travel including by car, plane or cruise ship.

Sure, The MILEPOST can be a little overwhelming at first–especially for those of us who have never actually been to Alaska. But just spend enough time with it–and believe me, when you get your hands on this you will–and you’ll get a feel for how it works.

Now that I’m scooting a trip to Alaska from the back burner to one of the front burners, I’m glad I have this incredibly useful guide at my fingertips to help make the journey as smooth as possible once I take it.”

– Erin Floresca, BellaOnline’s RV Editor

Do not plan a trip to Canada and Alaska without The Milepost travel guide. It will describe–milepost by milepost–the problems you might encounter, the type of businesses available, the area’s amenities and the highway conditions. It has maps, history, major attractions, campgrounds, and activity information. It will give you in-depth information on crossing the Canadian border…

– Sharlene Minshall, “Silver, Single and Solo” column, RV Life

…Questions about when to go, crossing the border, road conditions, wildlife viewing and dozens of other topics are answered in the ‘bible of North Country travel.’

– Camping Today, April 2012 issue

North to Alaska! Whether this is your first or 50th trip to Alaska, the newest edition of The Milepost is a must-have. It lists every way-point, turn, lay-by, filling station, village.

– Janet Groene, Travel Writer and Blogger

The MILEPOST is an absolute must for anyone considering going to Alaska…

– Angela White, TruckCamper magazine

This may be the biggest book you’ve ever read. It is also, by far, the most comprehensive and invaluable tome when navigating the Alaska Highway. When traveling throughout Alaska and northwestern Canada,The Milepost is the book to have under your arm–or car seat….Readers and travelers needn’t purchase The Milepost only if they are planning a trip to Alaska. On the contrary, for the armchair traveler alike, The Milepost is just great fun to read and peruse. There is so much contained in this travel planner, it is great reading. You will learn a lot.

– Susan Frissell, Ph.D., Publisher/Editor,

This is the 64th year for travelers to depend on this excellent travel guide which shows mile-by-mile what to expect along the highways, even road conditions, for 30 major routes and 60 side trips. You’ll find all you need to know about ferry travel and there are many color photos and over 100 maps. If you have never been to the North Country, get this book and plan your experiences in Alaska, Yukon territory, British Columbia, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories. If you have been there, you already know what a treasure this book is, and what a necessity!

– Bonnie & Bill Neely, Real Travel Adventure Plans

…Let me tell you–if you are planning a trip to the 49th state in our Union, bring The MILEPOST. Read it. Study it. Then read it again. This guide is indispensable…The MILEPOST quickly becomes your go-to source for both what to do and how to get there.

– Adam Porter,