Population: 84

Visitor Information: Check at the Kluane Museum of Natural History.

Burwash Landing is located at Historic Milepost 1093 Alaska Highway, on the shore of Kluane Lake, 76 miles northwest of Haines Junction and 106 miles southeast of Beaver Creek.

Burwash Landing is one of the oldest settlements in the Yukon. The original trading post was established in 1904 by the Jacquot brothers, Louis and Eugene, as a supply centre for local miners. A lodge was built here in 1944-45 to serve highway travelers.

Burwash Landing has a gas (above ground tank), post office, community hall, laundromat and church.


  • Kluane Museum of Natural History has wildlife exhibits and displays of Native clothing, tools and weapons, and Yukon minerals. Open 9 a.m.–9 p.m. in summer. Black spruce burl bowls and crafts are a standard gift shop item in shops along the Alaska Highway and found in the Kluane Museum of Natural History along with other gift items.
  • Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Mission, built in 1944, is the first church northwest of Whitehorse on the new Alcan Highway.
  • Glacier flightseeing of the Kluane National Park (the world’s largest non-polar icefields) from Rocking Star Adventures.