Population: 2,174

Deadhorse is located on Prudhoe Bay at the end of the Dalton Highway, 498 miles north of Fairbanks.

Referred to both as Deadhorse and as Prudhoe Bay (the ZIP code listing was changed from Deadhorse 99734 to Prudhoe Bay 99734), this industrial settlement was established to support oil field development on Prudhoe Bay. Virtually all the businesses here are engaged in oil field or pipeline support activities.

Visitor accommodations are available at Deadhorse Camp. Other facilities that may have rooms for visitors, but cater primarily to oil field workers, are: Prudhoe Bay Hotel (907/659-2449), Arctic Oilfield Hotel (907/685-0500), Brooks Camp (907/659-6233), Sag River Camp (907/223-0184) and Aurora Hotel (907/670-0600). Call in advance to inquire about space. Also ask about purchasing meals at their cafeterias.

Many of the visitor services available in Deadhorse are found at Brooks Range Supply (phone 907/659-2550). They are located in the building with the “Welcome to Deadhorse, Alaska, end of the Dalton Highway” sign (fun photo op), which houses the Napa Store, Prudhoe Bay General Store (open daily 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.), and the post office (open 1–3 p.m. and 7–9 p.m. daily). Check out the post office bulletin board for local happenings. The “Colville Mini-Mall” carries industrial supplies and sundries. Propane bottle refills may be available.

Alcohol, ammunition, weapons and many grocery items are not available in Deadhorse. There is no bank, but ATMs are available. Credit cards and traveler’s checks are generally accepted, but Alaska Department of Fish and Game licenses and U. S. postage must be paid for in cash. Check at the Arctic Oilfield Hotel and at Tesoro for overnight RV parking space.

Fuel: Regular unleaded gasoline and ultra-low sulfur diesel is available at Northern Oilfield Services Inc. (NOSI) or the Colville Retail Fuel Station, a 24-hour self serve station. Tire and vehicle repairs are available.


  • Take a dip in the Arctic Ocean and join the Polar Bear Club by taking a commercial oil field tour (must reserve 24-hours in advance with Deadhorse Camp at 907-474-3565 or Northern Alaska Tour Company at 907-474-8600) passport or U.S. drivers license required for security clearance).