Located on Hardy Bay on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island. Population: 4,500.

Visitor Information: Port Hardy & District Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Information Centre (VIC), 7250 Market St. (at the bottom of Main Street). Phone 250-949-7622.

Port Hardy has all visitors services including hotels, motels, cabins, hostels, several bed and breakfasts and campgrounds; restaurants and fast-food outlets; gas stations; marine supplies; and retail services. 24-hour ATMs inside lobbies of bank and credit union. WiFi at Cafe Guido and elsewhere (ask at Visitor Centre).


  • This is a base for outdoor adventures such as hiking, kayaking and fishing. The North Coast Trail here is an extension of the Cape Scott Trail and is one of the longest backpacking wilderness trails on Vancouver Island. Adventure trekkers are advised to plan on 6–8 days for hiking this 58 km/36 mile trail. Water taxi and land shuttle services are available from Port Hardy to either end of the North Coast Trail.
  •  Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre.
  • Take the totem pole walking tour (ask at the VIC).
  • Cultural tours, wildlife viewing and scenic boat tours with K’awat’si Tours are also available, as well as guided day trips out to San Josef Bay.