Traveling north on the Klondike Loop Highway, approximately 325 miles from Whitehorse, you enter Dawson City. At the western edge of the city, the highway ends at the Yukon River. Here, you line up to board the George Black ferry for a 6- to 7-minute trip across the Yukon to the west shore and the beginning of the Top of the World Highway to the Yukon-Alaska border.

The George Blackmortorcyclists georgeblackkev2 ferry is part of the Yukon Highways and Public Works Dept. and it is a free service to travelers. The ferry transports fuel trucks and other commercial vehicles, RVs, passenger vehicles and motorcyclists to/from the Top of the World Highway. It is a drive-on/drive-off single deck ferry. It will be your turn to board when you receive direct visual instructions from the ferry crew that you should move forward.

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The ferry operates 24-hours a day in summer. Peak traffic hours for westbound motorists on the Dawson City side are 7–11 A.M., when you may experience up to a 3-hour delay. Peak hours (and delays) for eastbound motorists on the west side of the river are 2–7 P.M.

Phone 867-993-5566 or look online to ensure that the George Black ferry is operating and the Top of the World Highway is open for travel. Click here for past opening and closing dates for ferry service.


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