Glacier View, Alaska

Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site has a campground and rest area with scenic viewpoint. This is a must stop for Glenn Highway travelers. The rest area has a large paved parking area with picnic tables, telescopes, interpretive shelter and scenic viewpoint with excellent views of Matanuska Glacier. Visitors can enjoy the Edge Nature Trail, a 20-minute walk through boreal forest to glacier viewing platforms with interpretive signs.

Matanuska Glacier heads in the Chugach Mountains and trends northwest 27 miles. Some 18,000 years ago the glacier reached all the way to the Palmer area. The glacier’s average width is 2 miles; at its terminus it is 4 miles wide. The glacier has remained fairly stable the past 400 years. At the glacier terminus meltwater drains into a stream that flows into the Matanuska River.

Photo by Kris Valencia


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