Atigun Pass, elev. 4,800 feet, at Milepost J 244.7 Dalton Highway.

Maclaren Summit, elev. 4,086 feet, at Milepost P 36.7 Denali Highway.

Eagle Summit, elev. 3,685 feet, at Milepost F 107.3 Steese Highway.

Eureka Summit, elev. 3,322 feet, at Milepost A 129.5 Glenn Highway.

White Pass, elev. 3,292 feet, at Milepost S 14.3 South Klondike Highway.

Isabel Pass, elev. 3,280 feet, at Milepost V 197.7 Richardson Highway.

Twelvemile Summit, elev. 3,190 feet, at Milepost F 85.5 Steese Highway.

Tahneta Pass, elev. 3,000 feet, at Milepost A 122 Glenn Highway.

Thompson Pass, elev. 2,678 feet, at Milepost V 25.9 Richardson Highway.

Mentasta Summit, elev. 2,434 feet, at Milepost GJ 79.2 Glenn Highway.

Cleary Summit, elev, 2,233 feet, at Milepost F 20.5 Steese Highway.

NOTE: Chilkat Pass, elev, 3,510 feet/1,070m, at Milepost H 59 Haines Highway, is located just across the border from Alaska in British Columbia. The highest summit on the Alaska Highway is Summit Pass, elev. 4,250 feet/1,295m, at Milepost DC 373.6 (Historic Milepost 392) near Summit Lake, British Columbia. The second highest pass on the Alaska Highway—and the highest point on the Alaska Highway between Whitehorse and Fairbanks—is Bear Creek Summit, elev. 3,294 feet/1,004m, at Milepost DC 1000.1 in Yukon.


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